Nov 182009

So Stacey and I have web hosting again, and I’m resurrecting my sadly under-used blog from last year! I liked this idea a lot, so I’ll try to actually post in it this time. Hopefully this will consist of baking, painting, hair dying, knitting (if I ever start knitting again…), photography, and whatever other creative/crafty things I find myself doing. Winter’s coming here in New England, so I’ll have plenty of time stuck inside to get myself into trouble. ^.^

In other news, WordPress has changed a lot since last I used it.  I’ve been messing with a super customizable theme (Suffusion, there’s a link at the bottom of the page), which I think is now tweaked to my satisfaction. The header image is from a photo I took a few years ago (like, five) somewhere out in Gardner/Winchendon.


Also, GIMP is my friend.

But I should probably get more sleep. Until next time, this is your crazy insomniac internet junkie, signing off.

(and re: the title, I just got the new Collective Soul album, it’s actually really good)

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