Jan 172012

So I have been suckered into getting a tumblr, and in trying to figure out what to do with it, I did some thinking about what this blog is for exactly. Originally, it was supposed to be for writing about my baking/crafting/knitting/whatever endeavors, which has been true for the most part. But I’ve also posted a lot of random photos on here that I wasn’t sure what else to do with, with no real connection to the rest of whatever post they ended up in. This seems like a great use for said tumblr account. So in the future, photos of Miso being adorable and of clouds and other things I like will end up on there. I’ll still post photos on here that are relevant to whatever I’m writing about (baking, etc). Yay organization!

But right now: PACKING AND LOUD MUSIC. Just discovering how awesome Florence + The Machine is – a little late to the party there. Loud and confident and oddly upbeat mostly. Good packing music.

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