Jul 222010

A lot of ridiculous crap is going on right now, but eh. This blog is meant to exist outside of my drama spewing. I made brownies from scratch like a month ago, and Stacey took a lot of great photos, but I never got around to posting about it. So I will now. For the record, the brownies were pretty good. I didn’t mix them as well as I should have early on, so there were chunks of buttery sugar in the bottom of the pan (Oscar called them “flavor crystals”), but they tasted pretty good regardless. They were actually zucchini brownies, with shredded zucchini serving the textural purposes of an egg. The frosting was definitely the best part (also from scratch!). It was classic fudge frosting like you’d put on cupcakes or something and it was DANGEROUSLY tasty. The main taste issue with the brownies was a slightly too large pinch of Kosher salt, which was totally my own fault. Either way, Stace and Oscar seemed to like them well enough, so I did succeed in making my first batch of from-scratch brownies. Hooray!

So now, PHOTOS:

70's kitchen

Kind of a yellow picture but it makes my kitchen feel all 70’s.


I’m a hippie.






Miso looks on.


Mixing frosting in an enchanted forest.


Oscar prepares for his role as Official Brownie Tester.


Miso looks on disapprovingly.



In other news, I heard Jumper by Third Eye Blind on the radio a few days ago and decided I should own that album again. I got the CD in something like 1997, but somewhere along the way I lost the case and then stopped listening to it entirely because I developed a bad association with it (this happens to me an unfortunate amount). Anyway, I was about to break down and spend the $8.99 to download it when I thought to check around my room just in case it had survived the 10 moves (I seriously just counted) that have taken place since I bought the damn CD, and… I FOUND IT! This was pretty miraculous. It felt like the universe said, “You’re having a shitty time. Here’s a CD you thought you lost under your bed 10 years ago!” It’s still a pretty good album; it’s aged surprisingly well. (Edit: except for the use of the term “cyberspace.” That does rather date this.) And I’m 25 now instead of 13, so it makes a lot more sense. I had this same epiphany about Jagged Little Pill a while back – turns out music written by 20-somethings is far more relevant when you’re 20-something. I was the wrong age in the mid to late 90’s to appreciate most of the music I was listening to at the time.

So beer? I think so. Right now we have some Southern Tier IPA, which is fantastic. If you like super-hoppy IPAs, please try this. It’s delicious. On a related note, I might be brewing beer in the near future (with help from Stacey). If it happens, I will blog about it!