Nov 112012

Hey Internets! I haven’t been on here at all since school started. But I have, weirdly, been up to a bunch of creative crap, despite being so busy with school I want to curl up in a tiny ball.

First, there is Nation Novel Writing Month, which I have attempted before, but have never put this much effort into. The idea is to take the month of November and write a 50,000 word novel, from start to finish. I didn’t get far at all the last time I tried this in 2007, a few pages maybe (the file has been lost to the ether that is switching computers several times, or I’d check), so I am trying this again. I’m already over 3,000 words, which isn’t much compared to how many words I SHOULD have by now (there are charts and graphs and numbers over on the site – at my current rate I will not finish until April of 2013, says the graph). But still, I haven’t written anything even this long in years, so I’m proud of myself. Maybe I’ll post the damn thing on here at the end of the month, no matter how far into it I get.

The next order of business is my mostly finished but very stalled-out album. James helped me record the majority of it over the summer, and it is mostly done, but I got burnt out around September when school started, and haven’t recorded anything since. There are a bunch of little things that need to be re-recorded or added to, and one song that still needs to be recorded in its entirety. So one or two Saturdays is probably enough to finish it on my end, I just need to stop being a disorganized, stressed out mess. Ugh.

That’s most of the interesting things I’ve been up to since… August? I should post on here more often. I should also start baking things and taking photos again. School has kind of sucked the life out of me; I’m kind of surprised I’ve done anything at all since September.

Actually, I did hang out down by the Charles a couple of days in August, and took some pictures. Most of them didn’t come out very well, but this is kind of cool:

There are these nifty pedestrian walkways to get over Storrow – I like how you’re way up in the tops of the trees. Also, this makes me miss summer.

And this is pretty cute:

I’ve been doing roller derby since May, I don’t think I mentioned that. I’ve had a tough time getting to practice the past while, for school/work/my brain hating me reasons, but I’m trying to get back into it now. Either way, Miso wants to join me.

Hopefully I will be back sooner than later.

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