Aug 102012

Hey all! I think I haven’t posted on here since I moved back in January. I am now living in a tiny but very nice apartment in Somerville. The new view from my bedroom window:

But the move was back in January. What the hell have I been up to since then, you may be asking? I mean, you’re probably not, but I’m going to assume you are. I moved a week into a school semester so things got really crazy really quickly. I somehow made it through the semester mostly unscathed, only to start a full time (unpaid) 6 week internship, which only ended the second week of July. Since then, I’ve been looking for a job but also finally, actually recording songs! My good friend James has been kind enough to help me record a bunch of songs in his little studio type thing (it’s in the creepy back room of his bizarre/awesome apartment) and generally listen to me whine about being nervous and help me get better at playing in front of other humans. So yay! I’m hoping to have all the recording done by the end of August and have an actual album worth of songs done and released somewhere on the internet this fall. I’ve spent the last several years writing a ton of songs that had nowhere to go – I never had the equipment or patience to record much of it, and I don’t really perform in front of people because it terrifies me (trying to work on this, see below). SO ANYWAY that is the thing I’m currently geeking out about. In the meantime, have a video of me being a dork and singing in front of a camera:

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