Jan 172012

So I have been suckered into getting a tumblr, and in trying to figure out what to do with it, I did some thinking about what this blog is for exactly. Originally, it was supposed to be for writing about my baking/crafting/knitting/whatever endeavors, which has been true for the most part. But I’ve also posted a lot of random photos on here that I wasn’t sure what else to do with, with no real connection to the rest of whatever post they ended up in. This seems like a great use for said tumblr account. So in the future, photos of Miso being adorable and of clouds and other things I like will end up on there. I’ll still post photos on here that are relevant to whatever I’m writing about (baking, etc). Yay organization!

But right now: PACKING AND LOUD MUSIC. Just discovering how awesome Florence + The Machine is – a little late to the party there. Loud and confident and oddly upbeat mostly. Good packing music.

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Jan 132012

So the boy and I (and Misoface) are moving to Somerville at the end of the month! After a 6 month or so battle with the bullshit that is renting in Boston, we have found an apartment that is in a really nifty, convenient location, and we think we can fit our stuff in. The kitchen is much less epically wonderful than the one we have in Gloucester, but being able to walk to the red line makes up for that, I think.

I will really miss this view, though….

In other news, I have started some crafty things up on my break from school. I recently finished a pair of cabled fingerless mittens in a forest green, which unfortunately I have deemed odd and ill-fitting… so I got more yarn, in a lovely pale purple this time, to try again. I think I’m going to alter the pattern a bit (which I have never attempted before…) to make them fit better/lay flat. They curl a lot on both ends, which bugs me. I’d take a photo of the finished gloves, but I’m lazy. And they’re weird looking. But I do have a photo of them in progress…

Also, I baked a bunch of gingerbread cookies for New Year’s, which Stace was kind enough to take a few photos of.

Clearly, there was beer involved.

Ooooo macro photography of sugary cookie dough!

And the finished cookies, plus a glimpse into just how much of my old ceramics I still have floating around/don’t know what the hell to do with.

Oh oh and some photos of Miso. Because I can’t resist.

Other people are occasionally in our apartment, and when they are, Miso will sometimes sit on them. Sarah and Scott are not allowed to move, apparently.

So I couldn’t title this post with lyrics, because the music I’m listening to is completely instrumental. I’m rediscovering Dropsonde by Biosphere after letting it get lost in my insane music collection for a year or so. It’s perfect music to let fade into the background without completely disappearing. Warm tones and jazzy drums and crickets. Organic and lovely and wonderful.

More soon hopefully! <3