May 032011

Kitty photo time.

Stace and Miso are so cute. SERIOUSLY.

View from my porch.

When it’s really foggy, seagulls congregate on the field across the street. I don’t get it…

So I may not be cooking or knitting or painting, but I’m taking photos! That’s something, right? I haven’t been home enough lately to do much else…

Also, Guster concert on Saturday! I finally got their most recent album, Easy Wonderful, and it’s nifty. Catchy as all hell, and really cheerful without being annoying. There’s always been a special place in my heart for Guster. They remind me of the good parts of high school – meeting people in Boston to see them for free in Government Center, cheap concerts in college gyms. That and a whole lot of driving around central MA. “We were young, 21, all those years ago…”

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