May 302010

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon – time for music nerdery and kitty photos!

A couple of weeks ago, Stacey and I were really bored one night and  decided to check who was playing at Great Scott in Allston – turned out it was Eluvium, an ambient band I had heard of before. We ended up going, and it was a really great show. I need to go to more ambient shows in the future. I wasn’t sure what to expect, really, as ambient music is by nature pretty quiet, but it’s also really beautiful turned up super loud on nice speakers, I found out. I also wasn’t sure how much of the show would be live instruments, but there was a lot of live piano and guitar mixed with samples/loops from a computer. And a Wii remote being used to trigger some samples. That was pretty nifty.

After the show we lurked at the merch table and ended up with some vinyl of both Eluvium and the opening act, Julianna Barwick. I also picked up the newest Eluvium release, Similes, at Newbie’s the other day. Both albums I ended up with are really nice, although I’m partial to Similes, which includes a lot of quiet vocals that decidedly add to everything else going on. The album I got on vinyl, Miniatures, seems to be somewhat less cohesive.  On both releases there’s tons of lovely piano, in particular on the song The Motion Makes Me Last, off Similes. I could listen that over and over, and have been…

I’m having a hard time describing this – it’s perfect music to think by. Unobtrusive, but beautiful and affecting. Like most really good ambient, it’s effective either as background or for intent listening, quiet or loud, speakers or headphones.

I also mentioned kitty photos:



keyboard pillow

There are more of these, but I’ll save them for another post.

(I’ve been at home a lot lately, so Miso and I have been hanging out. He’s just so photogenic, I can’t help myself…)