Mar 092010

Still listening to the masterpiece of Engrish that is Waste Management by t.A.T.u. Admittedly, this album has some great remixes that weren’t on the Russian version. But keep in mind, the remixes are almost all in Russian. I’m sure there’s a reason for that.

Also, on the song “Running Blind,” which was in English to begin with, I couldn’t for the life of me under the word “echoes” until I looked up the lyrics online because the “k” sound is completely missing. I guess the pronunciation is weird coming from Russian or something. But now there’s this remix of said song, and they totally punched in the missing syllable! I find this unspeakably entertaining.

My computer doesn’t seem to appreciate so much running Firefox and Songbird (my pretty Linux-compatible music player) and transferring about a hundred photos at once. But some of those photos (the ones that aren’t from April of LAST YEAR) are of hopefully delicious bread! So prepare yourself, dear reader, for a barrage of really bad photos:



And here’s Stacey doing dishes! He gets husband points.


And finally, one of the cat. Because he was laying in our clean laundry.


AWWW so cute. But so much fur in our laundry…

Mar 082010

Hey look, I’m baking bread! How exciting! Hopefully it will not come out like crap. I’ll take some sexy baking photos once it’s done.

In other news, I downloaded the English version of the most recent t.A.T.u. album (yes I know the correct punctuation shut up). It’s not bad. But I’m realizing I always get their albums in English first and then in Russian, and that seems to make a difference… the English lyrics now sound totally stupid. As evidenced by the title of this post. Way to go, whoever is translating this stuff…

“Little people, reassemble.”


I’m going to post this now before I think better of it. If there are baking photos to be had, I will post them separately. I am going to start using this damn blog. I swear.